Stretch Mark Removal Cream

Stretch marks affect both men and women and can cause embarrassment.  There are various types of stretch mark removal creams and lotions that can be used to reduce or eliminate these ugly marks.  The key to using stretch mark remover products is to keep using them, as they tend to work slowly over time. Continued use is essential to getting good results.

Stretch marks, called striae, are actually scars that have occurred in the dermis layer of skin due to quick skin growth due to fast weight gain.  These scars may start out as dark discolorations and may evolve over time into silver lines or streaks.  The texture of this skin is different than that of normal skin and can be treated with topical stretch mark removal creams that are designed to help reduce scars as well as striae.

Revitol is made with natural ingredients and helps the body stimulate new skin cell growth through the use of elastin and collagen.  This stretch mark removal cream is also helpful in the prevention of stretch marks by using it before they occur.

Palmers makes products that are useful to remove stretch marks.  These include massage lotion for stretch marks and scar serum, both of which are proven to reduce marks and scars.  Cocoa butter along with vitamins and collagen allow for stretch marks removal and also help to keep skin looking good.

Mederma has long been used successfully to treat scars, burns and stretch marks.  This stretch mark removal cream uses a mixture of botanicals and adds sunscreen to protect sensitive areas from the sun.  Sun exposure of stretch marks can cause them to darken. Many doctors recommend Mederma.

TriLASTIN helps to reduce the appearance and texture of the skin making it more supple.  It uses protein-based ingredients like collagen, elastin and soy to feed the skin helping it to recover quickly from damage.  This product provides dual action to lighten the scars while adding needed moisture to the skin.

Revitagen uses peptides, botanical extracts and shea butter along with collagen to influence normal skin growth quickly.  The soothing mixture also helps eliminate redness and swelling by calming the skin and adding moisture to the skin to help give it a softer feel.

Barmon offers a stretch mark cream that has been proven to remove and reduce dark marks and scars for years.  The product uses all natural ingredients including cocoa butter, lanolin, wheat germ oil and vitamins E and K so it’s safe yet effective on all types of skin.

StriVectin-SD offers powerful ingredients to help get rid of stretch marks while also hydrating the skin.  Ingredients like elastin tighten the skin while making it more elastic so that it reacts well to everyday stresses.  Formulated first as a stretch mark removal cream it is also applied to wrinkles as a wrinkle treatment and preventative.

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