Diet Pills, Weight Loss and Hoodia – The Facts

Herbal slimming pills are the rage today- because these products offer the possibility of losing weight minus the aches and pains of more traditional approaches to weight loss.

In the United Kingdom, people buy UniqueHoodia and other products. Around 9 million sterling pounds are spent a year in the proverbial battle against unwanted flab. The market is growing, the same way waists are growing and bursting against belts and buttons.

While it is possible to lose some weight with other products, people who buy UniqueHoodia are partaking of a unique tradition of staving off the hunger pangs that spans more than three hundred years.

Surviving the Kalahari

Deserts are unfriendly places. The average rainfall of a desert is about 150-250 millimeters a years, as compared to 5,000 to 10,000 millimeters of rainfall in tropical countries. That kind of dryness produces food and water scarcity.

In South Africa, a tribe had been exposed to such conditions for hundreds of years. And still, the San tribe continues to live its rich traditions to this day. Traditional knowledge pointed the San tribesmen to partake of one of nature’s secrets to conquering hunger and thirst- the hoodia gordonii cactus.

According to UniqueHoodia reviews, the San people actually chew the cactus for long periods of time, consuming the vital juices. In the 1960s, the component that helped the San people survive had been isolated. Resembling a steroid molecule, the P57 compound was the hunger-fighting component of the South African succulent.

How hoodia is used

Since it’s nigh impossible to obtain fresh South African hoodia gordonii, UniqueHoodia reviews recommend that powdered cacti would suffice. A person takes the Hoodia pills before and after meals, to reduce further calorie intake.

While calorie reduction varies from person to person, it has been estimated that around 2,000 calories may be avoided per day. This translates to plenty of weight loss over a sustained period of time.

A month of “hoodia treatment” can shed at least one pound a week. That’s four pounds off the human body. The beauty of this approach lies in the fact that as you take supplements like UniqueHoodia diet pills, the body adapts to changing eating patterns.

In the end, when you no longer need the help of herbal diet pills, the body is well on its way to naturally regulating periodic occurrences of hunger. Products like UniqueHoodia diet pills capitalize on the body’s natural capacity to control itself.


As a general rule, all products should be scrutinized for authenticity. On the globalize scale, different institutions approve or disapprove of particular food supplements. If you are purchasing from a brick-and-mortar store, make sure that what you are purchasing has been appropriately evaluated by the authorities.

Black market products should be considered de facto dangerous. The pedigree of black market products (usually unmarked, with no contact details of the shippers and manufacturers) is often dubious.

There have been several reports of side effects in black market products around the world. Some have resulted in serious health complications. Buyer should always beware, because your own health relies heavily in your purchasing decisions.

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