2 Natural Ways to Grow Taller That Are Guaranteed to Work

There are many natural ways to grow taller that work. However, there are also a lot that don’t and if you aren’t careful you can spend an arm and a leg without growing so much as 1 inch. Here is what works and what doesn’t.

Eat healthier

Poor eating habits are often times the biggest reason people don’t gain inches. Eating healthy also helps prevent excess fat buildup and if you have too much body fat it will actually cause your muscles to shrink due to the constant force on them.

What should you eat?

High protein and vitamins foods are great, and also having enough calcium is one of the best natural ways to grow taller. Calcium in particular has proven to cause longer and stronger bones (critical for maximizing your height).

What about milk?

You will probably hear many websites advocating drinking a lot of milk to get more calcium but this has too many negative side effects. There are plenty of healthier ways to get the calcium you need.

Along with eating healthier, consistent exercising is one of the best natural ways to grow taller.

What are the best exercises to grow?

Jumping rope is one of the best height increasing techniques because it helps with human growth hormone (HGH) production, and make sure to do it full throttle. This is because high intensity workouts always make more HGH than long and low intensity exercising.

Try and exercise 3 days a week but avoid too much super intense workouts because this can hamper your muscle recovery. Also don’t forget that stretching everyday is critical and has many benefits in addition to helping you gain inches.

The bottom line…

Growing taller is not that difficult. Many sites make it sound like there is some secret formula nobody’s telling you about, but the truth is that natural ways to grow taller like healthy eating, exercising and stretching are the best methods.

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