Alternative Methods To Increase Your Height

You might have already applied many ways to increase your height like exercising, eating certain foods, and taking in pills and yet found yourself having the same stature. Now you are seeking alternative methods to increase your height.

There is a basis in saying that you can no longer add extra inches to your height once you are passed your growing stage. This is because your bone plates have already fused so from this you can assume that height increase is improbable. But science and technology can do brilliant things. There is a surgery called limb lengthening that can make you grow taller up to one foot. However, not many resort to this method since it is expensive and painful.

Another alternative method is artificial injections of Human Growth Hormone which should only be administered by medicine professionals. This procedure is once again expensive and only prescribed by doctors and specialists. Doing this will also expose yourself to a lot of risks. It can cause liver problems, musculo-skeletal disease and carpel tunnel syndrome. Another problem with this method is that once your body is introduced with the chemicals your body will stop producing one for itself. Thus, your body will no longer produce growth hormones naturally.

Taking in growth hormones is another alternative means of increasing your height. It can be made of niacin, glutamine and other amino acids for these are products that have growth hormones in them. These substances can boost your body’s growth. These substances are usually consumed by bodybuilders to get that exquisite physique. It also boosts immune system and acts as an antioxidant. But using it can also cause diarrhea, depression, weight gain, high blood pressure, hair loss, drowsiness, headaches, dizziness and many more illnesses. Thus, it might not such be a good idea to take this alternative route of height increase.

By now you might feel scared of alternative methods to increase your height. But hope still lives once you find out about this effective and safe method of increasing your height. This is the Growth-Flex V PRO System. It includes an efficient growth supplement that will help your body produce more growth hormones for body growth and it also includes a guide on the exercises and food that can help you increase your height. It is tested and approved by experts. It is free from any risk all you can reap is a taller height and leaner body as it also helps reduce fat and increase metabolism.

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