Get These Height-Increasing Habits and Grow Taller

Although there is undoubtedly some luck involved in the amount of height a person will reach in his lifetime, there are still some things we can do if we really want to grow taller. The genes we inherited from our parents are something we can’t change, but we can incorporate height-increase habits into our lives that will make sure we become as tall as these genes will allow us. In this article, we go through some of the most helpful of these habits.

Many people ask “how can I get taller?” and immediately expect that there’s a miracle medicine that can be bought at the drugstore that will make them grow several inches overnight. Unfortunately, this medicine doesn’t exist, and when we see adolescents seeming to grow overnight, it’s really just a natural thing for people at their age to experience these growth spurts. Whether you’re still an adolescent wanting to add inches to your height faster, or someone way past their teenage years wanting to maximize whatever height you can still squeeze out of your physique, there are a few things you should incorporate into your lifestyle which will help you achieve exactly that.

Adequate sleep should be the easiest height-increase habit you can get. The release of Human Growth Hormones (HGH) by our pituitary glands happens mostly during sleep, so try to get at least eight hours every night. Partying late into the wee hours is not bad, but should only happen occasionally. Speaking of partying, excessive alcohol intake and smoking cigarettes also inhibit calcium absorption and growth, and should therefore be avoided.

As to diet, another thing to keep in mind in your new height-conscious lifestyle is that too much fat intake can affect your ability to get taller. Although a healthy diet must include some fat, we who live in today’s society already eat much more than we need, so cutting down is a good idea. What you should get plenty of instead are proteins and calcium. Beans and legumes, nuts, soy and soy products are good sources of protein, while milk is rich in calcium and should be considered a prime height enhancer.

Regular exercise such as weight lifting and brisk walking, running, riding a bicycle and others of the sort are also important for all-around good health and yes, for growth. Do check with a doctor first before embarking on any exercise program, just to be on the safe side. Somewhat more height-specific are stretches, especially those that target the spine and legs.

Lastly, there is a height-enhancement technique that is instant, natural, and will work on almost everyone. This secret is to watch your posture. Standing or sitting, try to maintain a straight back and keep your chin up. You may find that this alone will add up to 2 inches or more to your height.

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