Potential Dangers of Teenage Body Building Training

Though teenage body building portends huge benefits for modern youths, there is a down side that can correctly be attributed to the lifestyle. Experts say that the greatest concern raised by modern teen body builders is stunted growth. When a teenager, whose body is in the prime stage of growth, subjects his or her muscles to the strain of killer weights, the body may seize to grow any more. This is primarily because such oppressing weights prompt a premature closure of his or her growth plates when full growth has not yet been achieved.

This theory of potential stunted growth, especially when the teen undertakes intense weight training exercises at a very young age, has actually been proved by many medical professionals in objective studies. This therefore calls for moderation during the early ages of a teen body builder until the body adapts to the challenges of intensive body building workouts.

The second potential danger of teenage body building is the prevalence for serious muscle and bone injuries and or breakages. Teens are not only enthusiastic but also grossly careless. This is especially more common if group of teens join up during the workout like it happens in school gyms. Some potential injuries can greatly delimit future body building possibilities, cause severe suffering or even death. The prevention of such occurrences is as simple as having the supervision of an adult trained instructor at hand during the workout sessions to rein order and guide in the exercises.

Probably the most earnest and relevant danger that teenage body building imposes on parents and government authorities is the contemporary steroid abuse and addictions. The market is now totally saturated with dangerous supplements that can clip the hope of a youngster at the very buds. Even the most harmless and beneficial supplements are bound to be abused when placed in the hands of ignorant youths. Yet these youngsters do not need a doctor’s prescription or guidance on the use and dosage of such supplements because they can easily order dozens of them online.

Youth exposure to illegal steroids, performance enhancers and human growth enhancers has in many cases proven tragic or the very at least, harmful. Teenagers disregard the potential dangers of steroid abuse in exchange of fast muscle mass gains. Unregulated supplements advertising make the useless and harmful products seem as fundamental requirements of body building success and ignorant youths are too naive to question the authenticity of such claims. Supplements can also aid teenage body building if they are taken with great care according to instructions given on dosage and or timing or even as directed by a diet specialist. Balanced natural foods are actually sufficient for teen body builders.

These among others are the problems associated with teenage body building. They however fade in significance when placed alongside the potential benefits of such a lifestyle. The point therefore lies in balancing the dangers, avoiding them while simultaneously amplifying the gains of such a body building program.

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