How Often Do We Need Sex, and Will It Have a Negative Affect on Us Before a Workout?

Sex and testosterone levels

It is no secret that increased libido and a constant desire of sex is associated with increased levels of the hormone testosterone. Testosterone is the main hormone for muscle growth, and when you have low levels of it, building muscle is almost impossible.

Playing a sport increase testosterone levels, which leads to an increase in sexual activity and spontaneous erections and desire for sex is a direct indicator of high levels of this hormone.

How many times a week do we need sex?

Studies by Zhejiang University, carried out on 28 students showed that the absence of ejaculation for 6 days produced stable testosterone levels, and then sharply decreased on day 7 and decreases significantly with each subsequent day.

This suggests that a healthy male body requires weekly ejaculation – in other words, sex or masturbation.

Effect of masturbation on the muscle

High levels of testosterone and a related desire for sex without realization of that desire leads to an increase in the stress hormone cortisol, which destroys muscle. It is produced during sex, but hormone prolactin stops this process.

Given that prolactin is produced after sex or orgasm, it does not matter if you have sex or masturbate, as long as you orgasm. Actually, this is yet another confirmation of the fact that masturbation is not harmful, but even useful!

Influence of sex on muscle

Male semen contains a lot of zinc, which the body loses during each ejaculation. Given that zinc is involved in the production of testosterone, without sufficient intake of this mineral, testosterone levels will decline.

The recommended daily intake of zinc – from 10 to 30 mg per day, depends on age and activity. Large amount of zinc are found in bran and germinated wheat grains.

Is sex useful before a workout?

As we mentioned, after sex, men produce hormones prolactin and oksitatsin – they have relaxing effects on the body, improve mood, relieve depression, but, unfortunately, lower libido and testosterone levels.

It is not recommended to have sex or masturbate in the period of 4-5 hours before playing sports and especially not before strength training. Lethargy, weakness and low testosterone levels are not the best assistants!

Sex after training

There are scientific studies, which show that the body needs a male ejaculation about an hour after the end of training. The theory is that it helps improve the immune system and speeds up recovery.

In addition, testosterone levels at this time are at their maximum, which has a positive effect on sexual desire.

Having sex to lose weight?

One of the most common issues associated with sex – is how many calories are burned when doing it. In fact, during sex, not many calories are being spent- only about 300 calories per hour.

But, as already mentioned, sex has a positive effect on male hormone levels, which are responsible for muscle growth and fat-reduction. Thus, sex can be very helpful.


Scientific studies show that even a week-long abstinence from sex or masturbation has a negative impact on testosterone levels. Therefore, it is important to ejaculate and reach orgasm at least every seven days.

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