How Can I Grow Taller? It’s Possible to Increase Height After Puberty

Many are asking themselves the same question today-how can I grow taller? Unbeknownst to a lot of people, there are a number of things you can do to increase height after puberty.

Why do so many people fail?

It’s because gaining inches will take commitment, and if you don’t have a good enough reason to do it it’s not going to happen. Most people just want some magic pill they can take and get results overnight, but such a pill doesn’t exist.

The TRUTH about what it takes to gain height

If you want results you will have to eat healthier, work out consistently, stretch and even get more sleep at night. These are all factors in your height and maximizing all of them is critical to not only increase height after puberty but improving your health as well.

Straighten your spine

One thing to be aware of is that your spine is one of the biggest determinants in how tall you are, and straightening it can often result in a height increase of 2-6 inches. The reason is that the vast majority of people have compressed spines, which is partly because of poor posture and partly due to their genes.

Can I grow taller by losing weight?

Yes you can. This is because your spine tends to be more rounded when you are overweight, but when you drop those unwanted pounds your spine will naturally straighten out.

Therefore, losing weight is one of the best ways to gain inches. Even if you aren’t overweight, exercising can help you because the right workouts will stretch your muscles, and also your body produces human growth hormones (HGH) when you exercise.

The best workouts for increasing height


This involves attaching your ankles to a bar and hang downwards for a max of 20 minutes, which will help stretch out your back muscles. The perfect schedule would be to do it for 2-3 minutes a day, but if this isn’t possible than one 20 minutes session should do the trick.

Sprinting, swimming and biking

These are a few of the other exercises that have consistently shown to stretch out the muscles and help people gain height, but make sure you don’t slack when doing them.

To really maximize the effectiveness of the workout be sure you always go full tilt, because the more strenuous you exercise the more HGH the body will produce. If you are asking yourself “how can I grow taller”, then these are a few of the best ways to increase height after puberty.

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