How Can I Make My Penis Bigger? The Incredible Secrets That I Used to Make My Penis Bigger

I have been searching on ways to increase my penis size. It has long been my problem especially when it comes to having sex with my girl. I know it’s all based on performance but I still can’t help but desire to get a bigger penis for a more pleasurable encounter. How do I make my penis bigger? Are there possible ways for me to try to finally achieve an increased penis size? I have researched time and again and here are the things I have got to try.

I have read that there are creams that I can try to increase the size of my penis. These creams come with steroids which will act on my penis the way it does to any other muscle. The creams can be purchased over the counter in most drug stores. It is sure to make my penis bigger in less than a month with constant application. However, I am little unsure because of the steroid content. I have researched that steroids come with side effects. I am quite worried that it may affect sensitive nerve endings of my penis taking away the stimulation.

What will I do with a bigger penis if it doesn’t feel any stimulation right? I have also consulted with my personal physician and he said that it is safe. It is to be applied topical which simply means none of it will be ingested in any way. The only thing is he has to perform some skin allergic reaction tests to determine if there are ingredients I may react to because of its potency. My physician also advised me to perform exercises first before resorting to cream application. He explained a method called the Milking and Ballooning. He described what has to be done and how to execute the exercises. He instructed me to do the exercises three times a week for me to see faster results.

Upon reaching home, I undressed and headed straight to the shower for a warm ten minute bath. He told me that the warm bath is necessary to promote increased blood circulation around the penis area. After having that warm shower, I lubricated both my penis and my hands. I started playing with my penis until it got rock hard. I encircled my penis with my thumb and forefinger and firmly sliding the grip up to the head and followed through with the other hand. The pleasure was inexplicable. It made my penis harder and harder as I did the Milking exercise.

He told me to continue doing so until I am about to reach orgasm. It was very difficult. I had to be conscious with the fact that I have to stop and control orgasm as part of the next exercise which is the Ballooning Technique. Good thing I was able to stop just when I was about to ejaculate. I got the hang of it that I now can determine the best time to stop just before ejaculation. I continued for three more times then decided to release. It was messy finish but worth it. I know now that this will do the trick without even trying on any creams.

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