About The New Super Supplement Leukic

A new category of Muscle Building Supplement.

With bodybuilders and every day muscle gainers on a never ending quest to put on more muscle in less time, it seems that there is a new supplement constantly being shoved into our faces claiming outstanding results and offering the same benefits: Increased lean muscle mass and decreased body fat. However, in just a moment I will introduce you to what some bodybuilders and scientists are calling a breakthrough in muscle building technology, Leukic.

Generally or until recently there have been probably three categories of supplements a bodybuilder (and by bodybuilder I mean an everything from an amateur or pro or anyone who hits the gym frequently in the hope of gaining size) can take to assist his/her efforts at the gym.

1. Mass Gainers: Usually some combination of proteins and carbs sometimes mixed with some form of amino acid to increase effectiveness.

2. Creatine type supplements: We all know we have to take creatine, and there is now a bunch of creatine type supplements that provide the benefits of increased energy during weight training and increased recovery ability.

3. Fat loss supplements: To help you get ‘cut’ when necessary

4. Steroids: The dark side.(apologies to steroid users) Actually illegal compounds that are growth stiumlating hormones to physically add size to your body in unnatural and side effect causing ways.

You can be farily certain that 90% of supplements in any given gym or bodybuilding store fall under one of those categories. However the people at bodybuilding nutrition company MuscleTech might just have created a whole new category indeed.

Amongst a trio of supplements created in the same range is one called Leukic (the three being Gakic and Creakic, and Leukic). Now listen closely and try to wrap your head around this.

Leukic is not a protein supplement. Has nothing to do with it. Leukic is not a fat burner. Not even close. It contains no form of creatine or similar compounds and although it may be the closest natural thing to it, is definitely not a steroid.

I say Leukic is in a new category because it focuses on a different aspect of muscle building that outside of steroid land isn’t often spoken of and that is hormone release.

Ultimately it is hormones (testosterone being the main one) that causes muscle growth. Not protein, not creatine but hormones. That is why men build muscle so much faster than women, because they have a larger concentration of muscle building hormones. Steroid users increase their hormones and hence muscle building capabilities by adding hormones directly to their body which is of course illegal. But the Leukic and MuscleTech Scientists might just have found a way to influence the bodys own hormone levels in a safe and controlled but freakishly muscle building manner.

The science is complicated and the process is detailed but in part two of this report I will attempt to explain the effectiveness of this new supposedly breakthrough supplement, Leukic.

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