5 Grow Taller Exercises You Can Use to Increase Height Naturally

What are some grow taller exercises you can do to increase your height naturally now? Contrary to what many think, certain activities do enable you to increase your height even after puberty is over and here are some of the best.


One of the top methods is swimming. This works because it stretches your muscles and when done rigorously, also produces more human growth hormones (HGH), both of which help you increase your height and lose weight, which go hand in hand. Also, it’s just a great workout for your overall health and well being.


Another of the best grow taller exercises is to ride a bike, and make sure to do it at least 2 times every week. Biking works out your legs and therefore enables you to grow taller.


Another workout to increase height naturally is sprinting. The 2 criteria you should look for in any workout is that it stretches your muscles and also can be done rigorously. The more intense the workout the more HGH it will produce, and therefore the better it will work in helping you get taller.


Don’t neglect stretching because this is also very important as well. A few of the more effective ones are touching your toes and hanging, although there are others as well.

What is hanging?

For this all you do is grip a pole and let your body go completely loose while you hang from it. Some people suggest adding weights to your waist, and this can work. However, make sure they aren’t too heavy because this might cause injury.

Make sure to hold the hands farther apart on the pole which also will help you develop more broad shoulders. Make sure to perform this stretch for a minimum of 30 minutes weekly, and ideally it should be done every day for 2-3 minutes. Shorter bursts daily work better than 1 marathon run each week.

Does your diet affect your height?

Yes it does. The way to increase height naturally is to eat natural foods, which is very important in addition to grow taller exercises. In other words, think twice before ordering that next Big Mac.

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