Gain Muscle Fast – Is There a Magic Pill Or Potion

Everybody is looking for a magic pill that promises fast muscle building results. Is there such a one?

Are supplements the way to go to gain muscle fast? Yes and no. The diet and weight loss companies have you believe their products to be the magical solution to burn fat, lose weight and even target products for certain ‘problem’ areas on your body. People buy into all that hype – all the time! We are spending a lot of our hard-earned money on empty promises. Why? Because we want a ‘quick fix’ and we want results without having to put forth the effort.

Nothing is going to replace the results that a proper diet and a strength training program provide – yes folks, that means we do have to put forth the effort.

There are valid supplements that do benefit your muscle building results. We will cover 7 supplements that have been researched and studied for their validity.

#1 Creatine

Creatine Monohydrate has been around for 20 years. Creatine’s probably the most researched supplement when it comes to increasing muscle size and strength. One study concluded that 4 days of high-dose creatine (20 grams per day) followed by low-dose intake (5 grams per day) during 10 weeks of resistance training, increased strength in the muscles trained by 20-25%. Not only that, lean muscle mass in the arm flexor region increased by 60% – suggesting that creatine not only helped strength, but muscle size as well.

#2 Tribustol

Tribustol is a little-known supplement that could be the next “creatine.” It is a variation on one of the most powerful underground formulas that came from the Eastern Bloc. It was specifically designed for Bulgarian strength athletes to help maintain their strength and muscle size in-between their steroid cycles. Tribustrol is a combination of herbs and specific high-dose nutrients – it’s not a steroid. But these athletes found that it did more maintain their drug-induced gains – it helped them to make gains close to what they saw during their steroid cycles.

Tribustol has proved its effectiveness in increasing both strength and muscle mass, as well as decreasing body fat stores, when used for at least 4 months. It comes in capsule form and you take 3 capsules twice daily. The only side effects noticed during university testing, are increased appetite and libido.

#3 L-Carnitine

L-Carnitine was originally marketed as an amazing fat-burner. Carnitine helps the body convert fatty acids into energy used primarily for muscular activities throughout the body. If you do a lower carb diet and willing to take enough L-Carnitine (in liquid form), you will see results.

So how much do you take (in liquid form)? It’s recommended to start with 2.5 grams once in the AM before exercise and on an empty stomach. You can increase gradually to 5-7.5 grams per day, over time. Be sure not to take it with carbs. If you consume over 30% carbs in your diet – just be sure to wait about 45 minutes after your L-Carnitne dose before ingesting carbs. Some GI distress (upset stomach, diarrhea, etc) has been noted if dosage is too high or increased too quickly.

#4 Amino Acids

Old-Fashioned amino acids are still a favorite tool to use if you want to keep your muscle mass while dieting. We’re talking full spectrum amino acids, not BCAAs (branch chain amino acids). Many bodybuilders are concerned with building muscle, but some forget the value of holding on the muscle they have built when trying dieting to lose fat. Amino acids are ideal for this, especially combined with fish oil ( covered next) – they can serve as a superfast “meal” in between meals.

Always take amino acids in capsule form with a bit of fat – like fish oil. Start with 5-10 grams per day and work your way up from there. You may experience mild stomach upset if the dose is too high.

Recommended products are either Universal 23 Aminos or Optimum Nutritions’s Superior Amino 2222 Caps which you can buy online. Just Google the names for more info.

#5 Fish Oil

There could be books written about all the health benefits in fish oil. But the focus is on the overlooked benefits of fish oil for the bodybuilder or fat-loss enthusiast – that is increased metabolic and anabolic response.

Fish oil has an ability to decrease insulin response. Insulin is basically a storage hormone. It tends to put aside excess carbohydrate calories in the form of body fat in case of future famine. For a lot of us, insulin promotes the accumulation of body fat. So, warding off your body’s reaction to carbs is vital in the fat-burning process – fish oil does this very well.

Start with 1-2grams per day in divided doses. Work your way up to 6-9grams per day. It can be ingested either in liquid form or capsule form – no matter the form, the quality of fish oil is crucial. Google – Carlson, Designs For Health, or Zone Omega3 Formula fish oil for quality.

#6 Full Strength*

Shawn Phillips developed a MRP (Meal Replacement Product) and protein supplement that is supported by university research. Full Strength uses a combination of whey protein isolate with ultra high-quality whey concentrate. It’s about 50% protein calorically – great for bodybuilding and fat-loss diets. Full Strength also delivers your multivitamins and minerals for the day.

#7 Nitrix*

This supplement has nitric oxide which is beneficial to muscle growth and performance, and is known for its ability to facilitate blood flow. Simply put – it helps regulate activities of the brain, lungs, liver, kidneys, stomach and other organs. Lung and liver function is vital in the process of building muscle. You need a healthy liver to process fat efficiently – it is the #1 fat-burning organ in the body. Once liver function is strained, fat-burning slows down or comes to a complete halt. All of this suggests that increasing NO in the body may induce a series of biological processes favorable for increasing muscle mass and decreasing body fat.

There you have it – a list of performance-based supplements to help your muscle building results.

I am not affiliated with anything on above list – just sharing information.

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