Female Natural Bodybuilders – Build Your Muscles Naturally

Because women lack the hormone testosterone which aids muscle growth in men, they tend to use steroids which is a chemical substance to boost their muscle growth. It is not good to use steroid as it has so many negative side effects, such as:

– Mental imbalance

– Cancer

– Breast shrinkage

– Heart diseases

– High blood pressure

– Thicker voice and many more

Natural bodybuilding is better as it has no negative side effects and it helps you live a long and healthy life.

Some female bodybuilders who want to participate in bodybuilding contests often make use of these steroids in order to grow their muscles quickly. They may win a big amount of money but their life is most likely shortened as they will face the consequences.

If you want to build your muscles naturally and quickly, you will have to do your daily workouts intensively, continue until you are totally exhausted, this will help put more pressure on your muscle, thereby forcing it to grow.

Also when lifting weights, start with lighter weights and gradually increase it. Make sure you are in the right posture during weight lifting and do it slowly.

Another important tip that will help you build muscle is to eat the right muscle building foods and prepare them correctly. Some of these foods are:

1. Whole wheat bread: This is a good carbohydrate food and it contains fewer calories that can be used up easily during workouts.

2. Chicken: This is very rich in protein and it helps for quick muscle growth. Eat it without the skin as the skin contains fat. Do not fry it before eating, you can boil or roast it. Another good protein food is turkey.

3. Tuna in water: This is a very good protein food, it is very cheap and can be found easily.

4. Beans: They are very rich in protein. You should soak it in water for 7 hours before cooking or boil for 5 minutes, filter away the water and then add fresh water before cooking.

5. Green Vegetables: This is a very good bodybuilding food as it contains lots of vitamins and minerals. Also it contains fewer calories.

6. Avocado and olive oil: These are healthy fats, they help for normal body functioning and are easily burned out during exercises. Do not eat groundnut oil, palm oil and animal fat as they can’t be easily burned out. Your meals should contain 5 percent of fat because it contains more calories.

If you are able to follow the above tips, you will be able to build your muscles naturally even as a female bodybuilder.

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