Grow Taller Quickly – 4 Easy Methods To Increase Your Height

Are you unhappy with your height? Of course you are, why else would you be reading this? Many believe that it is impossible to grow taller quickly or in fact that any increase in height is actually impossible. This however isn’t true at all! There are methods you can follow regardless of your age, sex and whether you are passed puberty or not that can actually help you make your way up the height ladder with a matter of ease. With enough determination and effort put into these methods you can add at least 2 inches of those impossible inches to your height which might be exactly what you’re going to be looking for.

  • Stretching

The target areas for growth in your body are the thighs, shins and the spine because these areas are areas that are able to stretch and increase your height. (it is scientifically proven that areas can stretch, for example the average baseball pitcher will have his pitching arm 2-3 inches longer than this other arm due to the strenuous activity he has to go under which means what stops it from happening to other areas of the body?)

By doing stretches that are targeted at these areas in the morning (such as the cat stretch, cobra stretch and the bridge) you will soon find yourself with a little bit of extra height.

  • Exercise

Exercises help stimulate your human growth hormone (HGH) and there are also some that help you strengthen and lengthen your shins (just as mentioned with the whole baseball pitcher situation above). The top exercises you want to look to do that are targeted with height increase are sprinting, swimming, hanging, kicking, cycling, jump rope and more. To grow taller quickly exercises should be done every other day due to having rest days between to make sure that you don’t do more harm than good to your body.

  • Rest

Some of you may know that rest is essential to growth and recovery when it comes down to body building, the same thing occurs in growing taller. You need to make sure that you rest with exercises and that you also get a good amount of sleep (8-10 hours). Rest is vital because HGH is released during this period so the more rest you get the more results you will see!

And you will also want to fuel your body with the correct nutrients through this, the two main nutrients to increase are protein (can be found in most meat products) and also calcium (found mostly in your diary products).

  • Posture

One of the vital ways that you can increase your height straight away is to improve your posture. The back undergoes a lot of stress during the day from supporting the weight of bags and how you sit which gives you a bad posture. By improving your posture you will start to straighten your spine which will give you a little bit more height straight away. The best way to grow taller quickly this way is with stretches to grow taller.

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