Human Growth Hormone – Side-Effects

Human Growth Hormones (HGH) are composed of proteins and are secreted from somatotroph cells that are a part of pituitary glands which lies in our brain. They help us in our physical growth as well as in our mental growth making our body`s organs and tissues stable all through our life. HGH is secreted in abundance when in youth but is reduced after the age of 40 years.

HGH remains in our blood for 1 or 2 hours and its level in our blood is hard to be found. But its structure is similar to insulin`s structure. But you can find HGH level in our blood by estimating Somatomdin-C`s level in our blood that stays there for about 2 to 3 days.

HGH deficiency:

Pituitary glands that are located in our brain secrete HGH and when this secretion falls below the normal that is required in our blood we have a deficiency. The results can be many including: cardiovascular arrest, growth abnormality, loss of memory, skin problems, etc. Intravascular HGH injection is given for people suffering from the deficiency.

Benefits of HGH:

As discussed above HGH secretion is reduced when we become aged. This results in poor vision, memory, strength etc. An Anti-aging substance that has benefited many is in place now.

Deficiency occurs when the secretion is less than normal as seen above. The causes for this can be surgery, pituitary gland tumor, birth defect etc. HGH helps people suffering from such deficiency.

HGH helps people by compensating loss of muscles due to AIDS, helps people having kidney failures, stunted appearance, and abnormal immunity. It also helps people who suffer from Turner and Prader-Willi Syndromes.

The main advantage comes from increased density of bones thus giving more strength to a person. Fat reduction, muscular gathering, increasing youth moods, increasing cardiac functioning, etc are other advantages. These are empirical conclusions and are still not confirmed in practical sense.

Side-effects of HGH therapy:

* Increased risk of having diabetes since insulin secretion drops

* Risk of having high BP

* Muscular & Joint pains

* Patients may have recurrent headache

* Carpel Tunnel Syndrome can be a acquired by patient

* Arthritic problems are subject to occur for these patients

* Soft-tissue swelling that swells muscles in legs and arms ( edema ) and even other parts of the body

* The one most dangerous side-effect is hardening / swelling of arteries

* Abnormal bone growth and abnormal growth in internal organs have been already witnessed

* Thyroid problems have also been witnessed.

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