Auto-Responder Copywriting On Steroids

A few months ago I had a huge “ah ha!” moment about selling.

I was talking with a colleague about an expensive ($1,497.00) product he was selling that I wrote the ad for, and how we were getting sales without driving a lot of traffic to the site.

Now, as the copywriter I’d LOVE to take credit for all the sales.

But I’m not that naive.

Copy alone only gets you so far.

Especially with a high ticket product like that.

No, in this case, it was the copy plus something else we did.

Something simple and easy… that you can apply to anything you sell, too.

What was the “secret” we were using?


In fact, I remember my colleague saying he’d get emails from customers who listened to the audio interviews he did with the product author multiple times before buying.

They pulled the interviews off iTunes, or burned the MP3’s to a CD from his site. And then listened to them when driving to work, or while exercising, or when fiddling around with something in the office.

Eventually, something “clicked”, they’d take another look at the sales letter, and buy.

That’s the raw power of audio.

And why I believe audio interviews are some of the best “auto-responders” around.

I mean, think about it:

If you produce a decent audio interview – that gives lots of good information someone can really use – people will many times listen to it over and over again.

And each time they listen to it, you reinforce the value of your information… strengthen your bond with that prospect… and re-ignite his desire to buy.

Many times a sale is made.

Or even dozens of sales – with thousands of dollars in additional profits.

Here’s a “real life” example:

A few years ago I used to have long commutes to the job I was at.

And during those commutes I would many times listen to Dan Kennedy’s “Magnetic Marketing” tape (where he gave a demonstration of his system at a Peter Lowe event) over and over again.

Each time I listened to it I “re-sold” myself on Dan, his product and his offer.

Eventually I just had to buy it. Even though I couldn’t really afford it… and even though I had never actually read a “sales letter” for it.

But it didn’t stop there.

Because soon after I bought his newsletter. Then a bunch of his books. Then some of his info products, etc.

I’ve actually lost track of all the Dan Kennedy stuff I’ve bought since.

And all those extra sales stemmed from his simple audio lesson on tape.

Which brings me back to my point:

When you produce a decent audio interview or recording that’s packed with real value (and is NOT just a sales pitch) – and that demonstrates your knowledge and experience – you’ll add a whole new “layer” of persuasion to anything you sell.

In fact, if you do it right, it can dramatically increase the conversion of ALL your marketing.

And position your business in a way plain text can’t touch with a ten foot pole.

Try it yourself and see.

I think you’ll see a pleasant “bump” in your sales.

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