Human Growth Hormone Stimulation

When human are young as well as progressing through puberty, their height and bone sizes are determined by Human Growth Hormone (HGH) levels. The main reasons for these are due to the fact that they regulate the metabolism of body. The most worrying fact is that they decrease logically through age. Signs of aging can be felt when one gets loose, soft skin, increasing girth, loss of muscle feel and lean body mass, wrinkles, fatigue, memory loss and joint stiffness. These mean that our body will have slow metabolism, increasing body-fat and weight increase specially round waist, thinning and drooping skin, not as much of healthy hair.

HGHs are related with many body-parts and body-functions. The increase of these in our body parts will have positive bang in many areas such as energy levels, cardiac healthiness and muscle mass, enhanced libido, memory improvements, betterments in sleep-patterns, increasing fat-metabolism, and improvements of cholesterol. The same with high HGH level enjoys stronger muscles and bones, sharper vision, an enhanced immune system, hair growth, better disease resistance, thicker skin and greater collagen production, lower blood pressure, improved moods, vital organ restoration such as heart, kidney, and liver. Hence, when one is getting aged, he will naturally seek all the synthetic as well as natural ways for the stimulation of HGH.

HGH injections and supplements are widely available in the market. Injections are very costly and this will lead to opt for natural stimulants. The following are the natural stimulants in our body.




Proteins help the body with tissue repair and growth. HGH is a tissue building hormone produced in the pituitary gland located in the brain. These with the help of amino acids present in our body, causes growth, repairs tissue, mobilize fat stores and shift the metabolism into high gear. These play vital role in keeping the body lean.

One should not forget that the deficiency in sleeping hours increases fat. Technically this disease is called “Insomnia”. This disease releases the stress hormone “cortisol” which stimulates the appetite and slows down the metabolism. Except when we get the deep sound sleep, our bodies will not be releasing Growth hormone efficiently.

Exercises are also an important stimulator of HGH. One should not forget that not all forms of exercises release Growth Hormone. The exercises should be sustained and strenuous enough to create muscle exhaustion. And at the same time, it should not be high. High level exercises cause injury and suppress the body’s release of the hormone. When muscles contract and relax during exercises, the body is stimulated to produce significant levels of Growth Hormone to repair and renew the tissues that have been placed under optimal stress.

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