Teen Body Building – 6 Important Tips To Keep In Mind

As many youngsters are now becoming health freaks and have decided for body building, the news is happy as well as alarming. Teenagers picking out on the body building programs are a healthy sign in a way as we shall have a healthy & fit nation in future. But these teenagers must not forget that their body has yet not developed fully and that they must take care while choosing the exercises.

Here are some important tips for the teenagers going in for body building:

1. The kids under the age of 13 must never initiate an intense program of weight lifting. At this age they should rather opt for exercising with low-impact such as push ups & chin ups. They have ample time to shift to such regimen in the later years.

2. Exercises such as squats & dead lifts can lead to very severe injuries if not done with great care & precision. Hence, these must not be taken up by the kids below 16 years of age.

3. At the tender age of the teens there is ample testosterone in the person’s body. Hence, you must not take any such supplements during the body building program, and otherwise as well. These supplements can cause a grave risk to your body’s growth.

4. Healthy diet along with exercises is the key to a healthy body. So make sure to have lots of proteins & carbohydrates in your food. These are the two nutrients that provide the human body with energy & muscle building power.

5. Consider rest as a part of your teen program for body building. A sufficient sleep would help you concentrate better and make you an effective exerciser. During the sleep the body prepares itself for another work out session as it repairs the damages done during the course of the day. Our muscles grow in the night during the sleep, so we suggest you a minimum 8 hours of relaxed sleep every night.

6. In case you are serious about body building in your teenage, make sure to stick to the work out program and focus on your ultimate goal. Until & unless you have some strong reason, to skip the day in favor of some other activities, do not do it ever.

Unless & until you don’t push yourself beyond the limits and consider the suggestions and advices of the elders seriously, body building is indeed a great way in the teenage to keep fit, lose weight, & stay healthy. This would also set a stage for you for a healthy life in the full youth!

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