HGH Reviews – Benefits Of Human Growth Hormone

Grey hair, saggy and loose skin, increasing fat and loss of muscles from the body, low memory power and slow reactions are some of the prominent signs of ageing. Ageing and Human Growth Hormone are very much related to one another. The HGH is a hormone that contains the essential 191amino acids and is generated by the pituitary gland.

Reduction Of HGH

Science and research has revealed that as we reach the 30’s, the pituitary gland produces lesser and lesser human growth hormones. The reduction of the HGH is the greatest symptoms of the ageing process. The other symptoms of the of the HGH reduction include:

1) Loss of flexibility and mobility

2) Loss of sexual interest

3) Loss of muscle mass

4) Loss of energy

5) Slow healing process.

6) Increased cardiovascular risk


The benefits of Human Growth Hormones are as follows:

1) It helps to control obesity. It is said to burn off all the excess fats in the body and helps to generate energy in the normal conditions. When the hormones decline, there is a decline in the muscles and an increase of fat in the body. HGH helps to replace and decline the production of all that is not produced by the body naturally.

2) HGH also helps to reduce the blood pressure. There is also substantial improvement in the lung and cardiac functioning. When these two function properly, they control the blood pressure and help to maintain the right levels. With the help of HGH, the body muscles gain strength to work for a longer time and keep the body healthy, fit and strong.

3) The other benefit of the HGH is that it lowers the cholesterol level and also improves the libido and is of great use for treating diabetes and Crohn’s disease as well.

4) HGH helps to discover the beautiful part of you. It helps you meet all your goals and dreams, something you could not do with low hormones. This will sort of boost up your self confidence and self esteem.

5) They make you look young and boost up the youthful energy in you. It prevents sickness and infections. You remain active all through the day, without any signs of tiredness. The healing process becomes faster in case you are injured or wounded.

HGH Research and Results

The researches and doctors collected a group of men between the age of 61 and 81 and injected the HGH supplements 3 times a week for over a period of 6 months. They received amazing results, which are given below:

a) 14.4 % decrease in body fat

b) 8.8% increase in muscle mass

c) 75% increase in sexual [potency

d) 61% reduction in wrinkles

e) 62% increase in memory

f) 84% increase in energy levels.

g) 67% increase in overall mood

Here, it is important to note that all these men did not change anything else in their lives- not their exercise habits, not their diets and not even their smoking habits. The big difference they made in their lives was taking the injected HGH.

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